This amp like most of the Sears amps of those days was actually manufactured by Danelectro. It is around a 15 watt amp, so I won’t be playing any arenas with it. The very first guitar amplifier I owned back in was a , along with an Epiphone ET guitar. It wasn’t a difficult repair; there was a fried 2. There was no back included with the amp, and the sale only included power tubes. I installed some 12AX7s from my stash, and fired it up. Even though a lot of guys rave about these amps, I wasn’t impressed with the tone.

Palmer M1 Drei

Posted 21 Feb 9: I’m a great pro bass player looking for a new band, and have a lot of experience playing in all kinds of bands. I don’t like to brag, but to be honest I’m the best bass player in Portland. I am picky about the kind of music I play.

Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

Dating polytone amps, polytone amp manual It has stereo output magnetic and piezo. Consider talking to Michael Biller at Sound Island Music if you wish to talk to someone with considerable knowledge and practical experience regarding modern jazz guitar amplification. Component level mostly analog electronics from microwave to AF. Polytone Amps The various Brute-series amps are worth a trial if you’re in the market for a mid-price jazz guitar amp.

You can hear it on his Breezin’ album. I’ve owned 4 different Polytone amplifiers and like their tone and compactness. Above — Dating polytone amps old Mini-Brute with a 15 inch speaker on its side ready to carry. In fact the sound becomes perfect for rhythm with a bite. The Polytones did not have effects loops so you couldn’t use the preamp with a tube power amp.

Reverb was also not great.

Amplifiers Vintage and Used

Guitar Player December Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It’s New. VG condition, mailing label on back. VG condition, mail label back cover.. A Pro replies; Rusty Young: Steel symposium; Chuck Rainey:

Like the GR, there are three versions of the G and G guitars, distinguished by changes to the PC board. I was contacted by a G player in the States and a G player in Norway both using the first run, early “prerelease” version of the guitar electronics.

It has high and low volume inputs, an overall volume knob, dual tone controls treble and bass for the low volume input and an overall tone control for the high volume input. There’s no manual available for this, and the control panels vary considerably from what I’ve seen on pictures so this has been arrived at by trial and error. There’s an output for a satellite speaker on the back.

Power output is rated at watts in the literature. It’s probably accurate but the speaker is not super efficient so it’s not as loud as some w amps I’ve used like a Twin Reverb or Jazz Chorus. I’m tempted to drop in a lighter and more efficient neodynium speaker to see what that would do. I got it with a Polytone extension cabinet, which is a strange little beast. It’s also rated at w, and includes dual cooling fans.

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Bias Bias is a topic in its own but in short — Underbiased too little voltage means that the tubes will overheat and the amp will get noisy and hard to control. Demanding effects like silicon fuzz and UniVibes also sounds a lot smoother. But that’s the lowest power they make them, usually. The idea or principle is to get a clean tone with a mild flirt girlschase and natural compression. The differences between the version which I have and the version from ebay auction item No about the URL comes from the same time area – unfortunately pictured only with dust cover are follow: If we learn that we have collected the Personal Information from a child under 13, we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible.

December Guitar Player December Includes: Pete Seeger, Bola Sete, George Van Eps and the 7-string, A Night At The Fillmore, music by George Van Eps (“Midnight”), music by Pete Seeger (“Living In The Country”), Full page ads for VOX amps, GRETSCH guitars (Viking), SUNN amps, DANELECTRO (Coral Sitar, guitars, Turtles, the Cyrkle), Richie Havens for OVATION, HALLMARK .

Tweet on Twitter Studio work, ca. Actually, the person who has done more session work on electric bass than anyone else is a year-old grandmother whose primary instrument was a sunburst Fender Precision Bass with flatwound strings, and she used and still uses a pick. She was born in Everett, Washington, and her family moved to Wilmington, California, when she was a child. We started our talk with an inquiry about guitar, since Kaye was an accomplished six-string player before she moved to bass.

What got you interested in guitar? I grew up in a housing project during World War II. My parents were professional musicians, and when they divorced, my mother and I were left with no means of support, so I went to work at the age of nine, and when I was almost 14, paid for my own guitar lessons. My mother encouraged me to start guitar lessons.

I started on a small, rented steel guitar, then turned it into a guitar.

Putting a date on a polytone…

Way back in the the early legend of guitar research, Michael Wright, published a short list like this in his book Guitar Stories Volume One. Many thanks need to go out to the main contributors to this list besides yours truly. These three guys are just so great for sharing what they know.

Introduction. Please note that most of these Brand Names are registered Trade Marks, Company Names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only.

We will make your vision a reality. We can help determine your needs. CD releases, industrial soundtracks, advertising jingles, live recording, and mastering for radio broadcast. A short but important list: The Watt computer system consists of a 3. Mix surface is Behringer with motorized faders. Headphone monitoring is provides 6 individual mixes. Headphones are 3 AKG and 2 Sony.

The acoustic space is a small but functional asymmetrical-design 13ft by 18ft, with carpeting and acoustic ceiling, using Lenrd bass traps to reduce standing waves. Noise isolation construction consists of double brick walls on three sides, double drywall on one wall and behind the acoustic ceiling, and solid oak doors.

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And I thank Epiphone and Gibson for providing this forum. My Zehpyr Regent was produced in Korea at the Peerless factory. They did a fine job, the wood seems good but there is a little waveyness on the top bout where it flattens out, but it is ok for an instrument in this price range. It is a model, I bought it from a major act player who had only used it on a few sessions.

Vocals, bass I sing, play bass, program the drums, and come up with the keyboard parts. My sister is 15, so I pretty much call the shots as far as business goes. I don’t really think in terms of gender when it comes to making art. Personally I like to look at this as an ongoing world-beautification project that everyone has a stake in, regardless of age, gender, upbringing, etc. Yeah, I think that the 60s s provided us with female Superstars in all genres, I.

You don’t really see that anymore, because the world is moving too fast for anyone to really latch onto anybody. It’s hard to say what’s valuable and what isn’t this early on, but I’m sure we’ll know pretty soon! Well, my sister plays guitar, and we kind of needed the other instruments to write songs, haha. Sofia Talvik Years playing: Acoustic Guitar, Piano “I’m a solo artist, but I have a backing band. I produce everything from the music to the album covers.

I run my own label and make both business decisions and marketing decisions. I play live on a Guild guitar from ” “I don’t think there is much difference at all.

All The Things You Are -Peerless Monarch and polytone mini brute